Bible Reading Plans

The daily reading of God's word is one of the most important practices any Christian can develop for spiritual growth. On this page you will find links to a variety of Bible reading plans which break the Bible down into daily readings which will help you develop consistency in your Bible reading.

One chronological reading daily for the Old Testament and one from the New Testament or Poetic Books.  You will read through the whole bible in one year following this plan.


Ligonier Ministries has published 15 different Bible reading plans for you to choose from. Maybe this year you want to read more of the Bible each day. Perhaps you want to slow down your reading and instead spend more time considering what you read. Whatever it is you’re looking for in a reading plan, you should find it here: Please click the following link to find the one that may best fit your needs.


Reading just three chapters each day, this reading plan will take you chronologically through the historical narrative of the Old Testament plus most of the New Testament, all of the Psalms and Proverbs. This is a great way to read through the Bible without getting bogged down in genealogies, priestly instructions and hard to understand prophecies.

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