Church Documents

Baptism Manual

A brief explanation of the meaning and importance of water baptism including information about how to prepare for your baptism.

Blasphemy Against the Holy Spirit

A detailed biblical study of the unpardonable sin known as blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. What is the unforgivable sin? Who is in danger of committing the unforgivable sin? Why can this sin not be forgiven?

Discerning God's Will

A helpful checklist of Biblical guidelines to keep in mind when struggling with the question, "How do I know what is God's will in this situation?" 

Premarriage for Members

Information about the process and policy for members who wish to get married at Parkdale Grace Fellowship. Includes application form.

A Sacred Pattern for Romance

What does a God honouring relationship between a man and a woman look like? This study establishes a spiritual picture from scripture which illustrates what our romantic relationships should look like.

Missions Funding Qualifying Criteria

Are you considering participating in a missions trip?  This document provides you with some guidelines that you can review to see if you qualify for funding support from PGF.

PGF Constitution

Our church consitution was revised in 2014 and is outlined in the document below.

Music Ministry Role Description

An outline for the structure of our church’s Music Ministry.

Directives for the Music Ministry

A directive from our church elders outlining the objectives for the worship service.  These directives are given with the objective of maximizing the congregation’s worship experience during our services while expanding the overall involvement of a variety of musicians, strengthening the quality of our music ministry, and increasing our emphasis on Christ-centered, God glorifying ministry.

Baby Dedication

A brief description of the purpose and significance of baby dedication including a sample of a baby dedication ceremony at PGF.

Dedicating Your Home

A guide to dedicating your home to the Lord as the primary place where faith will be built up, lived out and passed on to others.

Deacon Nomination Form

This document provides information about nominating a member in our church to serve as a Deacon and Executive Board Member for a one-year period.

Membership Manual

This document provides information about obtaining formal membership at Parkdale Grace Fellowship including required reading and an application form which you can fill out and turn in.

How do we do Youth Ministry

This document outlines biblical patterns for integrating our youth and adult ministry in order to maximize the effectiveness of our church’s ministry to our youth (more accurately described as our young adults).

Home Groups Objectives and Strategies

This document outlines strategies on how our Home Groups are designed to function.

Six Pillars Condensed

The  pillars represent to be some of the most important foundational principles of ministry essential to a healthy church.

Bible School Application

Parkdale Grace Fellowship (PGF) is committed to promoting Bible training, and to help facilitate this objective PGF provides financial assistance in the form of scholarships to people who pursue formal studies in Bible and theology, whether studying on campus or via distance education.

In order to apply for a Bible school scholarship, please complete the following application and turn it in to the church office or email to

We exist to joyfully exalt Jesus above all else, and to glorify His name in all the earth.