The expansion of the church and its ministry comes through the process of GIVING, SENDING and GOING.

The Lord's plan for the church is not for each of its members to put down roots geographically and remain all together in one congregation, growing old together and watching our children and our grandchildren all establish themselves permanently and comfortably here at Parkdale. Instead we are to reflect the heart of our Father who so loved the world that He GAVE His only begotten Son. Likewise, we are to let God demonstrate that same love for the world through us by GIVING our children for the gospel and SENDING them into the world to make disciples of every nation. And, like Jesus, we also must be willing to GO.

Here are some of those who have responded to God's call to "GO" into all the world with the gospel. We have SENT many of these and we support each of them with our GIVING. We pray the Lord of the harvest to add many more from our congregation to this roster.

Doug and Sheryl Braaten

Jerry and Brenda Schuetz

Oliver and Deborah Mayer

Robert and Ruth Erion

David & Sherry

Brett & Jaclyn Reierson

We exist to joyfully exalt Jesus above all else, and to glorify His name in all the earth.